Veterans Plus Assistance Corporation is a 501c3, nonprofit organization formed to help Veterans, Active Military, and their Families. We want to assist Veterans in finding their way back into the Civilian Lifestyle; while giving members of the Active Military a peace of mind, that someone is going to be there for them and his or her family even after Active Duty.

Combat Comedians.png

Combat Comedians is a program that teaches creative writing, and trains Veterans to perform in LIVE Comedy shows (if so desired) to help them overcome their PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder); while giving them the tools and opportunity to earn money.

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 VET66 is dynamic coaching program that helps Veterans and Active Military find their passion and create freedom in their lives. 

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Pets Fur Vets is a program designed to link Veterans with Support Animals.

PunchLines Fur Pets.png

PunchLines Fur Pets is a program where Combat Comedians put on shows help to raise money for Animal Shelters and Pets Fur Vets.